Polyvinyl chloride, abbreviated as PVC, is a non-flammable and fine-grained polymer, which has high chemical, tensile and mechanical strength and can be used at temperatures of -15 to 60 degrees Celsius. This material changes color in the face of UV rays and its tensile strength and impact resistance are slightly reduced. It should be noted that this polymer is easily weldable.
It is one of the oldest polymers that has a brittle behavior and for this reason, a softener is often added to it and it is called soft PVC. In this way, it becomes a flexible plastic with high processability and convertible into films, sheets and rods. It also increases its resistance to atmospheric factors and creates unparalleled transparency.
However, reducing the heat resistance up to 70 °C, drastically increasing the employability and changing the mechanical properties over time – which is due to the gradual removal of oil (plasticizer) from it – is one of the disadvantages of adding softener to.

is supplied in the form of SHEETS and RODS in different dimensions and sizes.

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