Oily polyamide (Zelamide or PA6G OIL) is a modified polyamide 6 (PA6) with a high percentage of lubricating solution. This strange compound in production gives a homogeneous distribution of oil particles in the product. This method of self-lubrication is shock resistance and moisture absorption and improves the reduction of shock resistance and lubrication and moisture absorption.

Also the mechanical properties have been improved compared to oily polyamide (Zlamide or PA6GOIL). This type of reconstructed polyamide is suitable for specific applications.

Machining is also much easier and moisture absorption is improved.


  • It is self-lubricating and has a lower coefficient of friction than all nylons in the foundry industry.
  • Low strength: Although higher strength than natural polyamide 6 (PA6).
  • Tensile stress and compressive strength are similar to cast or molded polyamide (PA6G). While its shock resistance is higher, its modulus is lower.
  • Its use in machine building is excellent.
  • Improves static anti-electricity properties and everything related to reducing moisture absorption.


  • It absorbs moisture.


  • Mechanical: Thanks to its excellent lubricating properties, high shock resistance and compressive strength, combined with the ability to produce large size parts, it has been widely used for the production of large diameter bearings and bushings as well as pulleys and wheels. to be used. Auxiliary bearings are used to work with gears because of their excellent abrasion resistance. Assists in the manufacture of machine parts, construction, transportation, and in the shipbuilding industry due to better weather resistance and slip characteristics, transportation, auxiliary and bearings. It is also used in car cabling systems such as pulleys, wheels and sliding blocks.
  • Can not be in the vicinity of food products.
  • Its use in electric fields as electrical properties should be avoided by changing the moisture content.
  • Resistant to alkaline compounds, minerals and solvents.

Oily polyamide (Zelamide PA6G OIL) is supplied in SHEETS and RODS in different dimensions and sizes.


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