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توسعه تفلون

We believe that quality and innovation are not coincidental

 Tose Teflon Nasouze Damavand Co (Ital Orient) started its activity in 1991 by importing Polymeric and Petroleum products such as PTFE, POLYAMIDE, POLYURETHANE, POLYASETAL and PEEK from Italy and it is one of the main suppliers of this products in Iran. This company has been the only producer of some polymer items such as Teflon PTFE in various  fields since 1999 and has been a member of Vendor List of Oil, Gas and Petroleum Companies.

Teflon Nasouz is both Producer and Trading Company as one of the trustees and pioneers in the field of design and production of PTFE Teflon pipes, bars (rods) and gaskets. This company uses scientific principles, efficient techniques and calculates Having an experienced team of design, production and utilization of technical knowledge and the presence of experts tries to take a big step towards the promotion of the fact that “Iran should be made by Iranian”.

Tose Teflon products are offered to customers with appropriate quality and using the latest technology, so this collection has always required itself to offer products with standard quality, desirable variety and reasonable price, therefore quality has been well received by customers.

With the efforts of 24 hours a day and using the latest European technology and training of the company’s experts in Italy, started the production of various polymers in Iran. Raw materials are imported from Italy and the final product produced by this company can compete with European products. It should be noted that due to the wide range of products and market needs, the company imports some final products from Italy and China. The company is also the exclusive representative of Omnia Plastica and Fluorseals in Italy.

Up-to-date technology, High quality raw materials, specialized and efficient manpower, continuous quality supervision, order and accuracy and hard work of managers and employees, three factories equipped with the latest machines in the world, warehouse, have enabled us to produce high quality products. It is noteworthy that the annual production volume of Teflon PTFE pipes and bars is 300 tons and gaskets reaches 50,000. This set has always considered environmental and social changes and requirements and environmental protection.

At present, Teflon Nasouz Company is one of the leading, reputable and active companies in the field of design, production and import of polymer and petroleum items, including: PTFE Teflon pipes, sheets and bars, PA6, PA6 cast, PA66 sheets, bars and pipes. PUR polyurethane, POM sheet and bar, PEEK bar, UHMW1000 polyethylene sheet, Teflon PTFE micron powder (PTFE) are in the country.

Company Strategy

Build a win. win. win relationship (customer-company-community) in the field of all activities of the company through the production and supply of quality products, reasonable prices and environmental friendliness.

Customer position in the company (customer orientation)

The company with a new marketing perspective of the Revolutionary approach to customer service (Revolutionary approach to customer service) has provided different services to its customers and without exaggeration has so far had a significant share in meeting their needs. Based on the following covenants, the group of managers and employees always consider themselves as servants of dear compatriots and customers:

  • The customer is in the special position of the company
  • The customer does not need us, but we need the customer
  • The customer is kind to us with his purchase and we thank him/her for fulfilling his/her promise
  • The customer mediates our day with God, so we love him
  • Producing quality goods is not our privilege but our commitment

Distinctive features of Teflon Nasouz Company products

Production based on high quality order: using up-to-date technology, supplying high quality raw materials from reputable manufacturers, specialized and efficient manpower, continuous quality supervision, systematic factory production, Tose Teflon capable of producing high quality products which can compete with foreign products to market.

Reasonable price: The production of this company, despite the use of the best raw materials, parts and continuous quality supervision in terms of systematic and factory production, is offered at a very reasonable price.

Tose Teflon Nasouze Damavand at one glance

Tose Teflon Company was established in 1991, and in 2000 by employing experienced experts, it concentrated its activities in the field of consulting, design, production, sale and trade of polymer items and by implementing valid projects and providing useful solutions. In improving speed and customer service, he was able to be proud of the evaluations made and proud of the implementation of projects.

The managers of this company with more than 10 years of continuous experience in the technical and engineering sector as well as sales history, are well-known and influential figures in the Tose Teflon industry of the country who have been serving and providing services to esteemed customers with prominent companies in this field.

Manpower composition of Tose Teflon Nasouze Damavand Company

More than 70% of the company’s staff have higher education and have various specialties necessary for production, sales and trade.

Skills of company experts

  • Experience teamwork in large projects
  • Average experience of about 5 years for all staff
  • Mastery of all company personnel to the seven skills

Planning and formulating functions

  • Creating a strategic management system
  • Business process planning
  • Needs assessment and educational planning
  • Troubleshooting and process restructuring (reengineering)
  • Design, evaluation and control of systems Feasibility and evaluation of projects, preparation of a justification plan, planning and control of projects
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Management and performance evaluation systems
  • Design and implementation of organizational self-assessment at the level of employees and managers
  • Risk assessment and management in projects
  • Evaluation and management of organizational knowledge
  • Organizational transformation and productivity