Grade UHMW1000 polyethylene with a very high degree of polymerization, contains a detectable metal additive. UHMW1000 polyethylene has a very strong stiffness and impact resistance. It also has a food-compatible composition.

Specifically used for food processing and packaging industries. It can easily be used to detect food contamination through conventional metal detection systems (different results may vary depending on the sensitivity of the metal detection system used).

High molecular weight UHMW1000 polyethylene, which includes several separate groups, is actually part of the HDPE high specific gravity family and is classified as an engineering plastic due to its special properties.

These polymers (UHMW1000 polyethylene) are often processed by compression molding or extrusion. They can be produced in the form of sheets, films and molded components.


  • Grade FDA
  • Service temperature (Continuously) 80 Celsius degree
  • Excellent release properties
  • Good performance in the freezer environment
  • Good machining quality produces more complex parts
  • Very low moisture absorption and zero
  • Very low coefficient of friction (almost similar to polystyrene in this respect)
  • High resistance to abrasion and corrosion


  • In guide belt parts, chain gear is used for conveyors, flanges rollers, road scales and in the production of milk and liquid containers and all kinds of plastic kitchen utensils.
  • Among their applications are the food industry. Because they are physiologically neutral, they are widely used in this case.

The green UHMW1000 is supplied in SHEETS in different dimensions and sizes.

Technical Datasheet

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