Teflon bronze (PTFE + 40% Bronze) is a modified creep alloy compared to other Teflon alloys. This type of Teflon has reinforced thermal conductivity with a very high pressure bearing capacity. It is therefore very suitable for use in hydraulic systems. Teflon bronze is a conductor of heat and electricity and despite its good dimensional strength, it has high compressive strength and resistance to creep due to its hardness.

Teflon bronze products (PTFE + 40% Bronze) have better abrasion resistance and higher thermal conductivity than Teflon fiber glass products. This combination has better machining capabilities. But exposed to acids and bases, it has less chemical resistance. The combination of Teflon bronze is very useful in operations under high mechanical pressure and high speed wear. Because it provides the power and conductivity needed to control excessive and unwanted heat.

The Teflon bronze compound (PTFE + 40% Bronze) is also known as “Tetron B”. Bronze is made of an alloy of copper and tin, which has better abrasion resistance than all other Teflon compounds. The Teflon bronze composition is bold brown and a stainless alloy is added for a better appearance.


  • Ability to add a high percentage of bronze (40-60%) to pure Teflon results in high thermal conductivity and better abrasion resistance.
  • Provides the power and conductivity needed to control excessive and unwanted heat.


  • Not suitable for electrical applications.
  • Teflon bronze (PTFE + 40% Bronze) is not suitable for oxidation conditions.
  • Bronze is attacked by certain chemicals.


  • The main application of Teflon bronze in non-oxidizing pressurized conditions such as piston rings and bearings is in the hydraulic system.
  • Suitable for guide rings for abrasion purposes.
  • They are often used in hydraulic systems and are great exclusively for linear bearings.

PTFE + 40% Bronze is produced and supplied in SHEETSRODS and TUBES in different dimensions and sizes.

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