Teflon Carbon (PTFE + Carbon) is a fluorinated Teflon that adds 23% carbon and 2% graphite to pure Teflon (PTFE) and has relatively better properties compared to It is pure with Teflon (PTFE) and is naturally available in black on the market.

Carbon significantly improves the erosion and metamorphic power of the material and its chemical resistance remains relatively unchanged. However, the electrical properties of the material also increase significantly.

Teflon carbon (PTFE + Carbon) is primarily used in cases that require more heat and electrical conductivity than pure Teflon, as well as in durability and compressive strength than Teflon (PTFE). The Virgin PTFE has been modified to make it suitable for pressurized applications. Teflon carbon (PTFE + Carbon) has good resistance to creep, pressure tolerance, surface coating and abrasion in sliding or scratching applications in dry to lubricated conditions.

Teflon carbon (PTFE + Carbon) is the best type of reinforced Teflon for aquatic environments. It is also very suitable for dynamic applications at high speeds, because the thermal conductivity reduces the accumulation of heat on the surface involved and therefore has a better lifespan than other Teflon in these conditions.


  • Better abrasion resistance than pure Teflon (PTFE) at high speeds
  • Relatively higher thermal resistance when pressed
  • Higher tensile and flexural strength
  • Significant thermal stability in the range of -265 to + 260 degrees Celsius
  • Has the lowest known amount of surface friction with excellent non-stick properties


  • Decreased acid and base resistance in some solvents
  • Problem processability even at very high temperatures
  • Very high specific gravity


  • Types of bearings
  • Ring Rider
  • Piston ring
  • Compressor ring
  • Bush
  • Pressure washers

PTFE + 25% Carbon is produced and supplied in RODS and TUBES in different dimensions and sizes.

Technical Datasheet

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