POM has high strength and durability along with improved dimensional stability and ease of machining. POM, as a semi-crystalline material, is also characterized by low coefficient of friction and good abrasion properties, especially in humid environments.

Although POM absorbs a small amount of moisture, its physical properties remain constant in different environments. Low moisture absorption creates dimensional stability for mobility-resistant mechanical components. In high humidity or groundwater use, POM bearings perform better than nylon 4 to 1. POM is suitable for mechanical parts and electrical insulation that require strength and hardness. It is also resistant to a wide range of chemicals including many solvents.


  • High impact resistance and erosion over time
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • High resistance to pressure and shock and low temperature resistant
  • High chemical resistance to solvents, fuels and strong alkalis. High resistance to thermal and oxidative degradation
  • Excellent machining, explicitly used for automation machines.
  • Grade FDA Also for colored products
  • It has no permeability to gases and fine particles
  • Good anti-electrical and insulating properties
  • The color can be natural and red or blue on request


  • Compared to polyamide 6 (PA6) lower abrasion resistance, especially in dirty and dusty environments.
  • It has no resistance to compressed acids.


  • One of the most common uses of these industrial plastics in the mechanical industry is in bearings, low-torque gears, rollers, precision parts, and micro-machines that require dimensional stability.
  • It is physiologically safe in contact with food and can be used in water up to 80 degrees.
  • Non-absorption of moisture is commonly used for electronic components such as insulation.
  • It is resistant to alkaline environment and organic and organic compounds, and thanks to its good chemical resistance, it is used in the body of pumps, flanges, etc.

Natural and black color POM is supplied in the form of SHEETS and RODS in different dimensions and sizes.

Technical Datasheet

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