Teflon 25% glass (PTFE glass or PTFE + 25% Glass) is reinforced for high creep resistance in all temperature ranges. Suitable for all kinds of sealing valves and gaskets in pressure bearing conditions. Teflon 25% glass (PTFE glass or PTFE + 25% Glass) has been modified for coating resistance, which has little effect on its electrical properties due to the insulation of glass fibers. Teflon 25% glass (PTFE glass or PTFE + 25% Glass) has excellent water resistance.

The presence of glass fibers increases the anti-wear properties as well as greater strength against deformation when applying pressure. These changes while the electrical and chemical properties of Teflon (PTFE) remain unchanged. This product also has a higher coefficient of friction. Of course, glass has poor resistance to alkalis.

Of course, Teflon glass fibers are not suitable for applications that require resistance to bases and hydrofluoric acid and should be avoided in these applications.


  • Teflon glass is ideal for applications that require high pressure tolerance against hard surfaces, and its main applications are bearings, gaskets and seat valves.

PTFE + 25% Glass is produced and supplied in SHEETSRODS and TUBES in different dimensions and sizes.

Technical Datasheet

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